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Give these festivities the colour YOU choose!

Way too often people end up feeling pressured by this time of the year. They may think they're supposed to look back at what they accomplished to live up to others' expectations, and shape even more pressures and goals for the new year around values that aren't necessarily theirs.

These are the moments when they may prepare to meet relatives and friends to tell them what they believe they want to hear. But they just depict a picture of themselves with non-authentic colours and unrelatable meanings.

One's psychological well-being highly depends on autonomy, competence and relatedness needs that can be effectively recognised and met when they are autonomously, rather than externally, determined.

It is therefore essential for our mental wellness to accept ourselves and learn to comprehend our own authentic needs.

You can learn a bit more about how I help my patients achieve self-acceptance and self-determined goals at . You can also book a free consultation call to see if my Hypno-CBT & Health Coaching approach can work for you too!

May you all stay driven!

Stef Carrubba, MSc, HypDip

Original photo: @timmossholder

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